Die-cast precision parts of outstanding quality:

Dynacast has sworn by HAKOS Threading Tools for decades!

With 20 plants in 15 countries and more than 4,000 employees, the Dynacast group has developed into a leading supplier of the automotive industry, electronics, pneumatics and hydraulics and medical technology.

Dynacast Germany was founded in 1969 and with its high-precision zinc and magnesium die castings is an A class supplier for numerous well-known companies in the automotive and electrical industries. Besides having a top performing tool shop, Dynacast Germany has a special position within the Dynacast group. It has its own engineering department to develop, manufacture and deliver worldwide the so-called 4-slide die casting machines for zinc and magnesium. These extremely demanding and very precise high-speed machines are the starting point for Dynacast's worldwide success.
With its own machine and tool shops as well as the whole zinc and magnesium manufacturing, Dynacast Germany brings it all together under one roof, so to speak, making it a leader in its particular market segment.

For the sometimes technically very complex precision parts, Dynacast has relied for over 30 years on collaboration with HAKOS in Villingen-Schwenningen in the field of threading tools. For Helmut Goehr, General Manager of Dynacast Germany, specifically made HAKOS taps are the ultimate on the market.

"In perfect fine-tuning with HAKOS, we were able to raise tool life by up to 50 % and thus very significantly increase our productivity."

The origins of the close partnership with HAKOS date back to the mid-70s. Ernst Holzer, father of the current Purchasing Manager, Sigmund Holzer, recalls:
"We then won a large, extremely urgent order for millions of spark plug nuts made of die cast zinc. The time frame was too tight to do it with a simple thread cutting machine with leadscrew. Since none of the renowned machine manufacturers could build a suitable special machine in such a short time, Dynacast simply designed and built its own machine. In search of a reliable manufacturer of M4 taps, Ernst Holzer came across HAKOS, which turned out to be a piece of luck for both companies. In countless experiments and long nights of meetings, travelling to and from, a perfect solution for the millions of required threads was finally reached with a spiral point with a forward driving chip. The result was that the HAKOS taps contributed lifetimes of up to several thousand threads per threading unit cycles at speeds of 60 pcs/minute".

This example, according to purchasing manager Sigmund Holzer, shows best why HAKOS is such a valuable partner for Dynacast even today.
"Quality, precision, reliable delivery and complete customer orientation, even with the most difficult requirements, make HAKOS for us unique in the market!"
This passion to always provide the best for the customer is also according to Birgit Hakenjos-Boyd, Managing Director of HAKOS, an essential success factor in today's world:
"Our technicians are highly trained, strong-willed, experienced with projects and ready to do everything for an outstanding result."
For Birgit Hakenjos-Boyd, it is crucial that her customers and employees can rely on ultra-modern manufacturing and the latest technologies to be able to match test results reliably in production.

 Dynacast Germany sees potential for HAKOS beyond its own needs above all in Dynacast foreign subsidiaries such as in Austria, where more than 280 employees and more than 50 die casting machines are in use every day.
Threading taps is one of four competence fields that HAKOS successfully markets in addition to injection mold components, parts manufacturing in the µ - range and standards for standards manufacturers.
In production HAKOS relies on a high degree of vertical integration, which makes it possible to react quickly and flexibly, independently of suppliers, to short-term customer needs. The manufacturing process thereby comprise the CNC internal and external grinding, CNC form grinding, centerless grinding, CNC thread grinding, CNC tool grinding, CNC turning and CNC milling.
The company was founded over 100 years ago by Andreas Hakenjos and is now run by Birgit Hakenjos-Boyd.