Precision with high productivity:

Leipold Group relies on HAKOS Threading Tools!

The scope and content of the requirements for manufacturers of precision parts have changed significantly in the last five years. Globalization has brought not only new supply structures and increased competition, but also additional opportunities and potential for bold companies that offer compelling solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow.
The Leipold Group, headquartered in Wolfach in the Black Forest, has evolved from an original classic industrial turning shop operation into an international specialist in customized precision turned parts. While until the mid-90s, production was centered on brass parts for the electrical, plumbing and home installations industries, now revenue is generated in different sectors such as the automotive industry, medical technology, industrial and building services as well as more in the electrical industry.

For the managing partner of the Leipold Group, Pascal Schiefer, the clear commitment to manufacturing in Germany is one of the success factors:

"With our three plants in Germany, compared internationally, we have first class, unbeatable know-how, robust processes for our customers and reliable, highly skilled employees who act flexibly and are customer-oriented."
With currently around € 65 million turnover the Leipold Group, which also operates a further manufacturing plant in the US, is on the way to success with its strategy. At Leipold they are proud of  the broad customer base, which also depends on premium brands and renowned suppliers. To ensure that this remains the case, the processes and cross-product services are continuously expanded and optimised. Today the Leipold Group is often included as a development partner for their customers' new products from the outset. The processes from design and engineering support to production and on to logistics are defined as clear performance modules.
Integrated into this process solution chain are also premium tool suppliers such as the HAKOS company in Villingen-Schwenningen. With HAKOS, Leipold combines more than 40 years of close cooperation as a supplier of custom-made taps. Already in the 70s the particular skills of HAKOS for productivity enhancing, customized solutions were recognised.

With over 50 qualified employees and with the ambition, also enshrined in the brand logo, of precision to the µ – level, HAKOS produces special taps from ø 1 mm, machine taps, nut taps and special thread gauges. The cutting geometry is always tailored by HAKOS to the individual requirements and materials used by Leipold.

With the high flexibility and precision, the Leipold Group and HAKOS fit together well and see great potential for the future in their partnership .
Robert Kern , Leipold Production Manager in Wolfach, makes the point :

"What we have so appreciated for decades in HAKOS is the continuous top-class quality, the high flexibility even at unpredictable bottlenecks and the technically competent support through application engineers, such as currently with Wilhelm Nopper."

The technical application support is an especially important value added to cooperation according to HAKOS Managing Director Birgit Hakenjos-Boyd. "Our employees are experienced, specialised in what they do, speak the language of our customers and even for complex challenges find a productive and reliable solution." In her estimation, the state of-the-art manufacturing at HAKOS also plays a crucial role in the capacity to produce reliably and in the shortest time with precision at the µ - level.
When there is a climate of partnership between customer and tool supplier working on the optimization of production processes and productivity hand in hand and closely interlocked, both companies believe the production location of Germany is absolutely competitive also for the future against the tough competition of low-wage countries.
Thus it was agreed at a recent meeting of top management to examine new projects and materials to further expand the successful cooperation.